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the battle, PC vers. MAC






Funny campaign by Perfcet Fools

Jogge's tutorial (OBS, only in swedish though)

In fifth grade we al laughed at the Hamsterdance

The hyper cruise, tomorrow we leave!

Hyper Cruise 2009 from Marcus Melin on Vimeo.


The students at Hyper Island are all going to a crew tomorrow on the Loveboat, check out the video.

I'm loving it

Emmelie gave me this cute post-it note

Emmelie is my friend who's about t start at Konstfack. That girl can draw! Check out her portfolio.  (for some reason I can't create a link right now, so you'll just have to copy and paste: )

When rain falls, I sail in my soul

I took this picture outside of Vile Franche this summer. It was me, my father and my brother who very spontaneously sailed to San Remo (Italy) that afternoon. It was the best feeling in the world, feeling so free! Today it's raining in Stockholm so I'm thinking about that day, like honey for my soul. 

Dancing, dreaming, dotts and hats

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